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Dad and Mom

Hey everyone this is my dad and my mom. I’m very happy to have both of them. My dad and mom married on February 22nd, 2011.

*kiss* Love you dad *kiss* love you mom 🙂

Inside the tummy

I’m posing with my dad…Yes I’m really posing, but inside the tummy 😛

I’m almost arrive in the world….my parents says that 3 days after this photo shoot I born to this beautiful world 🙂

Carina 0 Month

Hihi…looking to this picture remembering me that I ever small 😛 3 days after I born to this world my dad give me a shot of picture while I’m laying on my mom arms. One day I will missing this moment 🙂

Carina 1 Month

Yay finally I turn 1 month, actually I celebrate this month together with my nainai, but I can’t find a good picture in that event 🙁 this picture taken 3 days after I turn 1 month. God is so faithful to me 🙂

Yay I’m 2 Months now :-)

I turn 2 months now…Because since born here in China I was a foreigner and I don’t have my passport yet, in that time my parents bring me to Beijing to make one for me.

I even forget what it looks like, but my parents told me that in that time (December 2013) it was a cold winter and we need to go to our embassy in Beijing, because if not I will stay illegally in China.

Thanks God that my passport now finished 🙂

Yiihaa I’m Three months

I don’t know why I’m so happy in this 3 months. Day by day as I’m growing I love to see this world…everyday in the morning when I open my eyes my parents always there and give me smile…such a wonderful moment!

In this age I can reply my parents when they smile to me 🙂 🙂 of course I replied them with smile too…sometimes I even laughing 😛 but not often, only for a special occasion 😀

I can’t eat this cake yet, but I can share this happiness with my parents…you can see them how happy they are isn’t it?

Finally I’m Four months

Fyuhh…the time moving very fast…Now I can cries loudly and I can laughing loudly too 😛

This four month was very special, my parent bought me many toys…this toys used to stimulate my activity so I can move my responsively. You must watch my video where I laughing very loud…haha finally my voice come out purely as a small girls 😛

Seven days after my four months is my parents wedding anniversary….yay! This is their 3rd wedding anniversary. My dad says to me that this website created as a gift for our family and especially for my mom…hihihi…Thank God for that…God is faithful!

Carin 5 Months – 1

My har was growing, but it’s fallen and sometimes I ate that hair too 😛 LoL…my dad had initiative to cut all my hair with a hope it will growing better and stronger…thanks God I still can take picture before dad cut my hair 😀

Carin 5 Months – 2

I can hold the bottle by myself 🙂 …. I’m missing my previous hair style…huhuhu 😛

Carin 6 Months – 1

I have many great aunty back in Changchun, China….hehe…. I love to walk in the Nanhu park too 🙂

Carin 6 Months – 2

My lovely baloon 🙂 Anyway I still have the video that shows that I’m very excited with that yellow baloon 😛

Carin 7 Months

Yay…I’m groowing…. 🙂 soo happy!!

Carin 8 Months

I started learn to walk using baby walker…. 🙂 it’s better to just walk directly without using baby walker 😛 LoL

Carin 9 Months

Woohoo….It’s playing time again…. I love the Indonesia weather 🙂 warm all the year…hehe

Carin 10 Months

This is my 10 months in the world…I already have teeth now…two in the bottom and four on the top….Nowadays sometimes I can stand withour holding for 5-10 second…that’s my record! 🙂 I love to put ANYTHING on my mouth 😛